Our volunteer medical team is on its way home after another busy round of clinics in Timor-Leste. Working alongside local doctors, our volunteer team screened around 80 patients, identifying a number who will be suitable for surgery in Australia. They also checked up on earlier patients Paulina, Joaninha, Eva and Olga – who have all made great recoveries. A big thanks to our volunteer cardiologists and doctors Alan Appelbe, Virag Kushwaha, Kate Rankin, Annette Appelbe, Louise Segan and Bianca Graves and our absolutely indispensable king of clinic logistics, Liam Callaghan. Thanks also to our excellent friends Guido Valadares National Hospital, which hosted our team, and Maluk Timor, which provided essential support. If you’re as inspired as we are by the efforts of our volunteers and our local partners, please make a tax deductible donation to help us mend another broken heart.

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