For every dollar you invest, we create 20 dollars in benefits

Independent consultants highly value our programs

For the past decade we’ve been inspired by the extraordinary work our expert volunteers and partners undertake to save young lives. Witnessing the courage shown by our heart patients, as they trust us to support them back to good health, is a privilege we don’t take for granted. On behalf of our donors, we are committed to ensuring their generosity is delivering the maximum benefit to a community they are most passionate about.

We have broadened our range of programs since our inaugural benchmark report was delivered in 2015 and so it was timely we commission another independent Social Impact Return On Investment (SIROI) study to continue to track the health, social and economic impacts our work has in Timor-Leste.

Your gift generates 20 times the benefit to young heart patients in Timor-Leste

Our study demonstrates that our primarily volunteer-based model is highly effective. Our positive impact has increased in the past five years, showing that for every dollar invested, our programs now drive a staggering 20 dollars in benefits. Harnessing our dedicated volunteers’ expertise in cardiac care and supporting health services, ensures our supporters are investing in quality sustainable outcomes for young heart patients in Timor-Leste.

Conducted by independent researchers ACIL Allen Consulting, the study highlighted on average that our patients experience:

  • 54 additional years of life
  • an 95 per cent increase in quality of life

On average the economic value of these additional years per patient is AU $29,914. Overall the social return on investment is AU$1 : AU$20.

Every day we see the measures of our positive social impact come to life, as with the story of Tomas who had life-saving heart surgery in 2014. Now 38 years old, he and his wife have become parents to a beautiful little boy and he was able to resume his job as a school teacher. Now thriving, Tomas not only provides an income for his young family and helps with household activities, but he also positively contributes to his community as an educator. As Tomas reflects:

‘When I had this disease, I often felt weak, trouble breathing, I could not lift things and (I lost) weight dramatically. I appreciated .. everything .. being done … to save my life. I can … go to work and continue my career as (a) teacher in public school and help my wife (with) other work at home.’

Our donor community has provided hundreds of young patients with access that vital heart healthcare they need across our services, enabling patients to study, work and thrive in their communities. Our supporters’ investment in our model continues to deliver substantial benefits to the Timorese community.

You can read our Social Impact and Process Analysis Summary Report 2020 on our website via this link.

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