For every dollar you invest, we create nine dollars in benefits

We have seen first-hand the difference our work makes to lives of our patients. But to be sure that we are being truly effective, we commissioned an independent social return on investment study – a cost-benefit analysis designed to measure the value of the health and social impacts of our work.

This study concluded that our model is highly effective, finding that for every dollar invested, our program returns nine dollars in health and social benefits. This means that our supporters can give with confidence, knowing that every dollar they contribute not only changes individual lives, but provides social benefits many times over.

Conducted by independent Melbourne researchers, the study found that on average, our patients enjoy:

  • 32 additional years of life
  • 28 additional ‘quality of life years’
  • an 89 per cent increase in quality of life

On average, the value of these additional years per patient is AU $66,304 – the Australian equivalent of which is $1.3 million. Overall, the social return on investment is AU$1 : AU$9

As an example of this social return, paediatric nurse and mother of one Teresinha received surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2016 to correct a congenital heart defect. Now she has returned to work at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares in Dili to continue assisting her community.

We’ve assisted more than 100 patients since our informal establishment in late 2010, allowing them to return to work, study and caring for their families and communities.

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