Our latest employment and volunteer opportunities

Cardiac care and capacity building coordinator

Voluntary, based in Timor-Leste

East Timor Hearst fund is seeking a cardiac care and capacity building coordinator, to be based at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares in Dili. Responsibilities will include developing a strong referral system and patient database/register for cardiac patients seen at the hospital by East Timor Hearts Fund clinics and by local cardiologists, coordinating surgical visits by East Timor Hearts Fund and other visiting surgical teams and capacity building initiatives.

Timorese board adviser

Voluntary, based in Timor-Leste or Australia

East Timor Hearts Fund is seeking a board adviser with connections, knowledge and skills in areas including government, culture, health care and politics and media to attend board meetings and provide strategic advice to the board and organisation.

Company secretary

Voluntary, based in Melbourne

East Timor Hearst fund is seeking a qualified and experienced company secretary to provide the board and CEO with strategic advice, and to be responsible for compliance activities.

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