‘The most rewarding thing I have ever done,’ says big-hearted adventurer

Big-hearted adventurer Sonia Beagley is still a little stumped about what drove her to fly solo to Timor-Leste and summit its highest mountain to support better heart health for the Timorese.For Timorese-born Sonia, it was partly the pull of her heritage; partly family experience with poor heart health. But when


Natál iha Timor-Leste (Christmas in Timor-Leste)

By Ana Saldanha "In Timor-Leste 90 per cent of the people are Roman Catholic, although Animism, a traditional belief system. Old trees, natural landmarks, the uma lulik (sacred house) and animals such as lafaek (crocodile) are considered lulik. Lulik comes from the Tetum word meaning sacred, holy or forbidden.


Partnering for health in Timor-Leste

A landmark new agreement between Timor-Leste’s major public hospital and East Timor Hearts Fund will see more surgeries performed in Timor-Leste and more training opportunities for Timorese medical practitioners. East Timor Hearts Fund CEO David Marlow said Timor-Leste had one of world’s highest rates of preventable, treatable rheumatic heart


Leading cardiologists join board to strengthen heart health mission

East Timor Hearts Fund has announced the election of leading cardiologists Dr Will Wilson and Professor Peter Barlis to its board. Board chair Ingrid Svendsen said the board was delighted that individuals of the calibre of Professor Barlis and Dr Wilson were willing to volunteer their skills in the


‘It’s not easy for them to survive’: our ambassador Anche Cabral’s heart health mission

"It's not easy for them to survive". Our ambassador, Timorese Olympian Anche Cabral, speaks about her sister's heart health struggle and her very personal reasons helping raise awareness and funds for East Timor Hearts Fund. Find out more about Anche and our other patrons and ambassadors and donate to

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