David Marlow
Chief Executive Officer

East Timor Hearts Fund’s work is vastly important and life-changing for so many people. What could be more motivating or satisfying than saving lives, especially young lives? They are the future of East Timor, one of Australia’s nearest neighbours. They are the future builders, poets, artists, doctors, nurses and leaders of their country.

Heart disease has directly affected my family over a couple of generations, so I can appreciate the impact of good, professional medical intervention.

I’m very proud to bring to the role my experience in leading small and large organisations, including leading teams in South-East Asia, combining my commercial background with my passion for contributing to the community together to help build on the amazing successes of East Timor Hearts Fund.

Combatting heart disease in Timor-Leste is a serious and difficult task, that requires skilled and committed people working together. My role is to help them be successful, by providing the necessary effective funding, infrastructure, relationships and resources.

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