Our patient Anina will be heading back to Timor-Leste this week, looking forward to celebrating her 28th birthday next month with her new healthy heart. Our volunteer medicos Dr Simon Eggleton and Dr Virag Kushwaha have declared Anina’s mitral balloon procedure a complete success, and say she can look forward to a healthier life. Acute heart disease symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness, have made life a struggle for the young mum. Now, she is looking forward to simple things like taking care of her family. “Now that I am well I will do my job as a mother at home looking after my children, taking them to school, preparing meals for my husband to go to work and doing the washing.” Anina asked us to pass on her gratitude. “I would like to say big thanks for the donors and doctors that have saved my life.” We would also like to say thanks – to our friend Dr Joaquina, who accompanied Anina to Australia, to Eastern Heart Clinic and especially to our supporters, whose generosity has allowed us to transform Anina’s life.

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